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Public Attributes

btrfs_fs_info Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

u64 alloc_start
u64 avail_data_alloc_bits
u64 avail_metadata_alloc_bits
u64 avail_system_alloc_bits
struct extent_io_tree block_group_cache
struct btrfs_rootchunk_root
u8 chunk_tree_uuid [BTRFS_UUID_SIZE]
struct btrfs_rootcsum_root
u64 data_alloc_profile
struct btrfs_rootdev_root
struct list_head dirty_cowonly_roots
struct extent_io_tree extent_cache
struct extent_io_tree extent_ins
struct btrfs_extent_opsextent_ops
struct btrfs_rootextent_root
struct extent_io_tree free_space_cache
struct btrfs_fs_devicesfs_devices
struct mutex fs_mutex
struct btrfs_rootfs_root
struct cache_tree fs_root_cache
u64 generation
u64 last_trans_committed
struct btrfs_rootlog_root_tree
struct btrfs_mapping_tree mapping_tree
u64 metadata_alloc_profile
struct extent_io_tree pending_del
struct extent_io_tree pinned_extents
int readonly
struct btrfs_trans_handlerunning_transaction
struct list_head space_info
u64 super_bytenr
struct btrfs_super_block super_copy
u64 system_alloc_profile
int system_allocs
u64 total_pinned
struct btrfs_roottree_root

Detailed Description

Definition at line 679 of file ctree.h.

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