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Public Attributes

fs Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

u_int * fs_active
int32_t fs_avgfilesize
int32_t fs_avgfpdir
int32_t fs_bmask
int32_t fs_bshift
int32_t fs_bsize
int32_t fs_cblkno
int32_t fs_cgrotor
int32_t fs_cgsize
int8_t fs_clean
u_int8_t * fs_contigdirs
int32_t fs_contigsumsize
ufs2_daddr_t fs_csaddr
struct csumfs_csp
int32_t fs_cssize
struct csum_total fs_cstotal
int32_t fs_dblkno
int64_t fs_dsize
int32_t fs_firstfield
int32_t fs_flags
int32_t fs_fmask
int8_t fs_fmod
int32_t fs_fpg
int32_t fs_frag
int32_t fs_fragshift
int32_t fs_fsbtodb
int32_t fs_fshift
int32_t fs_fsize
u_char fs_fsmnt [MAXMNTLEN]
int32_t fs_iblkno
int32_t fs_id [2]
int32_t fs_inopb
int32_t fs_ipg
int32_t fs_magic
int32_t fs_maxbpg
int32_t fs_maxbsize
int32_t * fs_maxcluster
int32_t fs_maxcontig
u_int64_t fs_maxfilesize
int32_t fs_maxsymlinklen
int32_t fs_minfree
int32_t fs_ncg
int32_t fs_nindir
void * fs_ocsp [NOCSPTRS]
int32_t fs_old_cgmask
int32_t fs_old_cgoffset
int32_t fs_old_cpc
int32_t fs_old_cpg
int32_t fs_old_csaddr
struct csum fs_old_cstotal
int32_t fs_old_dsize
int8_t fs_old_flags
int32_t fs_old_inodefmt
int32_t fs_old_interleave
int32_t fs_old_ncyl
int32_t fs_old_npsect
int32_t fs_old_nrpos
int32_t fs_old_nsect
int32_t fs_old_nspf
int32_t fs_old_postblformat
int32_t fs_old_rotdelay
int32_t fs_old_rps
int32_t fs_old_size
int32_t fs_old_spc
int32_t fs_old_time
int32_t fs_old_trackskew
int32_t fs_optim
int32_t fs_pad
int64_t fs_pendingblocks
int32_t fs_pendinginodes
int64_t fs_qbmask
int64_t fs_qfmask
int8_t fs_ronly
int32_t fs_save_cgsize
int32_t fs_sblkno
int64_t fs_sblockloc
int32_t fs_sbsize
int64_t fs_size
int32_t fs_snapinum [FSMAXSNAP]
int32_t fs_spare1 [2]
int32_t fs_spare2
int32_t fs_spare5 [2]
int32_t fs_sparecon32 [26]
int64_t fs_sparecon64 [16]
int32_t fs_state
u_int64_t fs_swuid
ufs_time_t fs_time
int64_t fs_unrefs
int32_t fs_unused_1
u_char fs_volname [MAXVOLLEN]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 255 of file fs.h.

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