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Public Attributes

ufs1_dinode Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

int32_t di_atime
int32_t di_atimensec
int32_t di_blocks
int32_t di_ctime
int32_t di_ctimensec
ufs1_daddr_t di_db [NDADDR]
u_int32_t di_flags
int32_t di_gen
u_int32_t di_gid
ufs1_daddr_t di_ib [NIADDR]
u_int16_t di_mode
int32_t di_mtime
int32_t di_mtimensec
int16_t di_nlink
u_int64_t di_size
int32_t di_spare [2]
union {
   u_int16_t   oldids [2]
u_int32_t di_uid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 168 of file dinode.h.

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